Welcome to the collab-qa project!

The collab-qa project aims at:

  • sharing results from QA tests (archive rebuilds, piuparts runs, and other static checks
  • making it easy to work on them together

This should allow to run QA tests during the whole release cycles, and not only just before and during freezes.

Discussions happen on IRC (#debian-qa) or on the Debian QA mailing list. If you are interested in helping, it is recommended that you subscribe to the collab-qa-commits mailing list.

How do I get started?

  • Subscribe to debian-qa@lists.debian.org
  • Request membership
  • Join #debian-qa if you use IRC (useful for coordination)
  • Checkout the SVN repository
  • Ask around to know where you can help at the moment
  • Read the various README and Notes files in the SVN repo


  • Lucas Nussbaum (IRC: lucas)
  • Michael Ablassmeier (IRC: abi)

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